This time of the year, I am thinking more about second chances.  Maybe it’s an annual rite of Spring.  Maybe it is the Easter celebration. Perhaps it is my intentional and eternal optimism for even my own risky life.  I have lived enough to know that we have many chances to make changes in life that will allow us a fresh start…even the chance to be “born again”…if we allow our minds to believe it possible. This opportunity for re-birth is one of the greatest concepts known to man.  It lies within us.  A mere spark can release its energy, which can then become a thought that gets our attention.  Our attention then, if we allow it, can lead us to believe in ourselves again.  Our attention to this idea and intention to regain a sense of really living our lives…can then allow us to BE born again.  We don’t have to be tricked into believing anything strange, irrational, or in any way unbelievable in order to re-invent ourselves.  Our attitudes toward happiness are in our own control for the most part.  I hope we all enjoy the bunny rabbits and the colored eggs…and all the wonderful mythology that comes hopping around this Spring.



No this is not the beginning of a joke.  This is Nefarious – a word I have recently become all to familiar with. Nefarious:

1595–1605; < Latin nefārius  wicked, vile, equivalent to nefās  offense against divine or moral law.
I am obsessed with sex…like much of the rest of the world.  I don’t believe we can get very far in our journey towards peace and happiness in this life, without first gaining control of our sex…our sexual instincts and desires.  We need to solve this puzzle, in order to move on to other important life purposes. Sexual energy is the source of great pleasure and joy, and tragically, the source of the worst of all human evils: the sexual abuse, exploitation, rape, torture, selling (aka trafficking) of another human. 
Were it not for the “free” internet that has powerfully and dramatically changed our world, for good and bad, I would consider the subject of sex to be too personal and too private for open discussion.  However, with report after report, story after story, crime after crime, being brought to light on the “abuse” of sex in our community…I feel an urgency to ask people to please, please…let us talk about what is happening! 
On Saturday, March 24th, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. at LSU-Shreveport’s University Center, there will be a screening of the powerful and alarming documentary Nefarious – Merchant of Souls.  Following the documentary, there will be what is called an “Idea Fest”, or simply an open discussion of the topic of sex and in particular why sexual deviant behavior is so common in our culture. I hope this day becomes a day that lets the light shine brightly on a deeply dark topic. There will be experts and highly-trained people present to help us in our “Idea Fest”.  The event is free and open to the community.  Seating, however, is limited.  Feel free to contact me for questions.

While some may just chose to continue their lives of quiet desperation, or ordinary mediocrity, I intend to live intentionally on the path of gratitude and frequently surprised wonder!  This Leap Day we are rewarded with an extra opportunity, an extraordinany opportunity, to make yet another free choice to really live our lives.  By choice I mean that at the end of this day we can either be one of two things:  more grateful and happy, or just the same.  You see, many things will happen to you today that you have no control over.  Perhaps you will have the chance meeting with your “soul mate” who is disguised temporarily as a stranger. (It has happened to me!)  Just the same… you may have a chance meeting with a text-messenging/multi-tasking driver of a fast car that for a second loses touch with their direction in life and comes crashing full speed into you, changing your direction and your life…forever.  Many more will unknowingly survive today with little change in their lives…no more joy, or less joy, than they experienced yesterday.  No more or less understanding that today…this very day…they had numerous opportunities wasted to love someone deeper…to smile at someone…to compliment someone…to give an unexpected hug to someone…to simply tell God ‘thanks’…

I have grown convinced that some people experience life at a “higher level” than others…at a better, greater level.  Not dependent on socio-economic standing, some people “just get it”.  The light bulb flashes on us and we become more aware of the gift of this day and this life.  The ‘rat race’ culture dies for us.  Our needs shift.  We value relationships much more than ever before.  We simply, yet extraordinarily, find ourselves living on a higher level.  I truly believe that anyone can leap to the higher level.  Today IS a new day…a special day…make the LEAP!

Shreveport's Least Expensive Home SOLD

Investor’s Dream! This 3 bedroom 1 bath home with 1300 square feet stands out as the least expensive sale in Shreveport’s documented history. It was built in 1944 and was listed for sale for $3,000…and sold for $400.00. Nice return on investment!

Why would a Realtor write about love and life on his Blog? Because I am no ordinary Realtor.  Today is a special day for many people – Valentines Day.  For me, and thankfully, for my lover, today is just another day.  There is no need to celebrate our love…in any way other than the way we do each and every day.  Of course our love is new, as far as time goes. Perhaps later in life, she will require more from me than the normal joy of sharing life and love.  Anyway, today we both agree, our love is special and healthy and generous…and real.  I hope that your love is that way, too.  Our “society” and our “culture” (really… it’s our flower and candy industries) ask alot of us these days…and most of us follow the herd.  Yet, divorce and unhappiness reach even higher levels.  Real love is best shared by spending real time together.  Give me real love…or give me nothing at all.  Cheers!

This 6 Bedroom 7.5 Bath home sold for $4.75 Million in 2011 making it the most expensive home sale ever for Shreveport!!!Image

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