Yesterday I saw pieces of a tv show that is coming soon where the entire small town in North Carolina is left motherless for a week and the fathers become the primary caregivers to the children.   What drama will certainly unfold.  I also have recently read that the number of stay at home dads has spiked in recent years.  I am sort of a stay at home dad.  However, we are missing the mother part that goes out to work and earns the bread to support us.  Since our separation in 2007, I have been a 50/50 joint custody single parent of two children aged 1 and 3 back then.  They are now 6 and 8.  I have had a very interesting last five years!  My children are my life…much more so than my career in real estate.  This is not so for most men and I have always been aware that I was different from my peers, especially in the “maternal” instincts that I felt I possessed and enjoyed.  I have been aware that I could be a wonderful parent to my children and I could escape one of life’s most common regrets – the regret that we wish we had spent more time with our kids.  I signed up for the job and have never looked back.  Today I look back…and ask myself how am I doing…how are my kids doing?  These questions are so tied to each other, as I would not be doing well if they were not, and vice-versa.  We have a home where love is truly king.  We sleep in the same king-sized bed.  We read and watch tv in the same king-sized “big chair”.  We hug and kiss and exchange loving words many times each day we are together. We explore our community together, meeting new people and seeing new sights often.  We talk. We argue.  We wrestle out our differences and challenges.  Above all we love, deeply…and we have a lot of fun.  Each week our time together comes to an end, and they return to their mother’s house just around the corner and up the street.  Our paths do not cross for the next week, except for the occasional visit to the cafeteria at their school, or the occasional phone call.  I don’t know what their lives are like every other week.  I let it be.  I will see them again in a week.  It is what it is…and it is the best I can do.  No regrets.