This time of the year, I am thinking more about second chances.  Maybe it’s an annual rite of Spring.  Maybe it is the Easter celebration. Perhaps it is my intentional and eternal optimism for even my own risky life.  I have lived enough to know that we have many chances to make changes in life that will allow us a fresh start…even the chance to be “born again”…if we allow our minds to believe it possible. This opportunity for re-birth is one of the greatest concepts known to man.  It lies within us.  A mere spark can release its energy, which can then become a thought that gets our attention.  Our attention then, if we allow it, can lead us to believe in ourselves again.  Our attention to this idea and intention to regain a sense of really living our lives…can then allow us to BE born again.  We don’t have to be tricked into believing anything strange, irrational, or in any way unbelievable in order to re-invent ourselves.  Our attitudes toward happiness are in our own control for the most part.  I hope we all enjoy the bunny rabbits and the colored eggs…and all the wonderful mythology that comes hopping around this Spring.