Why would a Realtor write about love and life on his Blog? Because I am no ordinary Realtor.  Today is a special day for many people – Valentines Day.  For me, and thankfully, for my lover, today is just another day.  There is no need to celebrate our love…in any way other than the way we do each and every day.  Of course our love is new, as far as time goes. Perhaps later in life, she will require more from me than the normal joy of sharing life and love.  Anyway, today we both agree, our love is special and healthy and generous…and real.  I hope that your love is that way, too.  Our “society” and our “culture” (really… it’s our flower and candy industries) ask alot of us these days…and most of us follow the herd.  Yet, divorce and unhappiness reach even higher levels.  Real love is best shared by spending real time together.  Give me real love…or give me nothing at all.  Cheers!